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WOLF PIT - FOSSA DI LUPO Sallemi Marianna


sallemi 200x200Azienda: Sallemi Marianna
Indirizzo: Viale Belisario 3
Tel.: 02. 36 53 42 19
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Alcuni prodotti

sallemi 300x200WolfPit GiftBox 500ml EVOO

Our beautifully designed custom made gift box containing a 500ml glass bottle of cold pressed P.D.O. Wolf Pit/Fossa di Lupo premium sicilian extra virgin olive oil.  "Wolf Pit/Fossa di Lupo" is an ultra premium extra virgin olive oil obtained from the selection of the best olives from our grove located in the contrada 'Fossa di Lupo', this location is part of the P.D.O. Monti Iblei areas and in particular the subarea of 'Valle dell'Irminio'.




sallemi2 300x200 

Single Bottle: 200ml Chilly Fusion

 200ml glass bottle of Chilly Fusion. 'WOLF PIT/FOSSA DI LUPO' CHILLY FUSION DETAILS: Caracteristics:The chilly does not overcome the extra virgin taste. You will distinctly taste the extra virgin olive oil and then towards the end you will then be able to distinguish the final spiciness of the chilly. Ingredients: 100% Wolf Pit/Fossa di Lupo Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, and Sicilian chillies.